Industrial Laboratory Chillers

Pacific Combustion Engineers distributes a full line of industrial chillers from PolyScience. Useful for applications across many industries, these chillers provide a means of controlled heat removal from manufacturing equipment, reactors, lasers, industrial products, and other heat-generating processes.

The PolyScience chiller line is widely recognized for its quality and reliability, and includes a size, type, and capacity to suit any laboratory or industrial use.

PolyScience Chillers from Pacific Combustion Engineering

  • Benchtop Chillers: These chillers are a convenient size for analytical applications and can be paired with a mobile cart accessory for under bench placement. They are powerful, space saving, and capable of low temperature cooling.
  • 6000 Series Portable Chillers: Stability and reliability make these chillers a great choice for common applications, including removing heat from laser etching, reaction vessels, condensers, rotary evaporators, and AA furnaces.
  • DuraChill® Recirculating Chillers: These chillers are designed for applications where high heat removal is required. DuraChill® chillers provide reliable temperature control for medical diagnostic equipment, metalworking lasers, plastic molding machines, and pilot plants.
  • Non-Refrigerated Recirculating Coolers: This type of cooler provides liquid-to-air or liquid-to-liquid cooling for extremely quiet and energy-efficient cooling above ambient.

Features that Make PolyScience Chillers the Industry Leaders

PolyScience chillers can be configured to fit any end-user or OEM application, and their customizable features make it possible to tailor chiller performance with pump options, remote on/off switches, de-ionized water compatibility, and RS232/RS-485 communication.

Here are a few of the features that distinguish PolyScience chillers and make them the industry standard:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of operation
  • Customizable options
  • Easy-to-read operational displays
  • Proven performance

When you are ready to invest in industrial and laboratory equipment, turn to Pacific Combustion. Our distributorship has over 60 years of experience identifying technical equipment that delivers performance, quality, and value. Offering chillers from PolyScience and ThermoScientific, we back all products with responsive, timely service. Request an estimate by contacting a Pacific Combustion representative online, or call 800.342.4442 today.

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