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Lindberg/Blue M furnaces have been making quality furnaces, ovens, and environmental chambers for over 75 years. Now part of Thermo Scientific, they continue the tradition of building furnaces for your college lab, research facility or production needs. From their small 1100°C Moldatherm furnaces to their 1700°C high temperature box furnaces, we are sure to have one that fits your requirements.

Their rapid heating Moldatherm furnaces are compact and efficient. Lindberg Blue M has a number of Tube Furnaces and Box Furnaces to fit just about any requirement you need, including the time tested 1100°C Split Hinge Mini-Mite and the general purpose 1700°C Solid Tube Furnace. Long lasting silicon carbide elements or high temperature moly-disilicide elements, combined with various high temperature insulation packages ensures uniformity and stability.

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