Lindberg Blue M Ovens

At Pacific Combustion, we offer the best in laboratory ovens with top quality lines like Lindberg Blue M ovens. The Blue M oven models offer reliability in both industrial and laboratory applications, which include ASTM testing, UL testing, moisture drying, curing, aging and other general testing applications. This series of Blue M ovens were designed for advanced performance, innovative functionality, and superior accuracy. The Lindberg Blue M oven family includes a complete range of gravity and mechanical convection ovens for industrial heating and drying process requirements.




As part of the Blue M oven family, Pacific Combustion carries both Lindberg Deluxe ovens, Performance ovens and Lindberg oven parts. Specifically, the Blue M Deluxe oven line features programmable controls and are ideal for applications which include demanding drying and heating processes which require temperature sequences and complete accuracy in a temperature range of 50° C to 325° C. These deluxe level ovens are used in applications such as:

  • quality control
  • material testing
  • aging processes

Performance ovens in the Blue M family include mechanical and gravity convection ovens. The mechanical convection ovens are ideal for demanding drying and heating processes requiring quick and uniform heating with temperatures from 50° C to 275° C. Lindberg gravity convection ovens are ideal for applications where gentle heating and drying is necessary, requiring minimal air turbulence and temperatures ranging from 50° C to 275° C.

Pacific Combustion provides quality products and parts combined with customer service and affordable prices. To find out if the Lindberg Blue M oven is right for you, please contact us.

Blue M Oven Details

Lindberg Blue M ovens (owned by Thermo Scientific), now Herathem by Thermo Scientific, has long been the industry leader of the standard in excellence. From simple drying of samples to complex heating applications Heratherm ovens are an integral part of your laboratory work.

Offered in both gravity and mechanical convection ovens, Heratherm offers three sizes to fit most any situation in your lab. Supplied with three different versatile controllers, from single set point to programmable controls, these easy to operate, efficient ovens are reliable and safe to operate even in the most demanding labs.

Laboratory Uses

  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace Military & Defense
  • Research & Development

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