Vacuum Ovens

At Pacific Combustion, we offer a full line of Lindberg Blue M ovens including Blue M vacuum ovens. These vacuum ovens are used for drying parts when lack of oxygen is preferred. Lindberg vacuum ovens typically use Argon gas to replace the oxygen in the chamber. The lack of oxygen prevents oxidation of the metals parts during the drying cycle. Blue M vacuum ovens are used in environmental testing, aged testing, brazing and sintering of metal parts and electronic components. We pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing with exceptional service at Pacific Combustion. Call today for pricing on Lindberg Blue M ovens!

Lindberg Blue M vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, out gassing, aging, process control and other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres or vacuum/purge with non-flammable and inert atmospheres. Select from three sizes, all with digital electronic control, built-in over temperature protection, and a fully flexible vacuum/purge/release system for a range of uses. Choose from deluxe stainless steel or painted exterior finish.

vacuum ovens

General Features:

  • Temperature Range. 6°C above ambient to +260°C.
  • Uniformity. ±3.5% of set point, nominal. Actual performance may vary depending on load size and placement, chamber size, ambient temperature, atmosphere and environmental conditions.
  • Controller. Single set point digital control, front-mounted. Simultaneous digital display of set point and actual temperature with push-button view of over temperature set point, resolution to within 1°C. Keypad data entry and pull-out control module for easy service.
  • Over temperature. Independent over temperature safety system factory set with reset pushbutton.
  • Heating Element. Low watt design for extended life performance
  • Vacuum Capability. 1×10-2 torr, (10 microns).
  • Vacuum System. 1" (25.4 mm) manifold, chamber rear, exterior, connects to pump or in-house vacuum source. Includes inert gas injection valve, fresh air inlet, vacuum exhaust port, controllable vacuum release vent port.
  • Atmosphere. For use with non-flammable, non-corrosive inert gases only. Vacuum gauge, vacuum, gas and inlet valves located on front.
  • Interior. Corrosion resistant stainless steel with three aluminum shelves, included.
  • Cabinet. Heavy gauge steel construction, dual wall, with fiberglass insulation for minimum heat loss in walls and door. Painted exterior or deluxe stainless steel finish.
  • Gasket. High temperature silicone specially molded for positive seal.
  • Double Door. Solid outer door over inner window door is standard on stainless steel exterior models.
  • Positive Door Seal. Magnetic latch, except VO1824 Series units include mechanical latches.
  • Viewing Window. Standard 1/2" thick on all models; permits observation of work in process.
  • Shelves. VO914 and VO1218 Series shelves are removable; VO1824 Series shelves are fixed. Aluminum painted.
  • Accessories. Pumps, cold traps, hoses, vacuum gauges, clamps and fittings may be ordered separately. Contact Lindberg/Blue M for additional information.
  • Electrical. See specifications for details. Power cord included on 120V models.
  • UL Listing. Models VO914A, VO914SA, V1218A, V1218SA.

260°C Vacuum Ovens

Model   Volts, 50/60 Hz Watts   Shelves   Cabinet Finish Doors   Interior Dimen. 
W x F-B x H in”
Exterior Dimen. 
W x F-B x H in”
Ship Weight lbs Quote
VO1914 Series, 0.65 cu. ft. (18.6 liter) Capacity
VO914A 120V 750 3 Painted 1 9" x 14" x 9" 18" x 23" x 26" 150 Quote
VO914C 208/240V 750 3 Painted 1 9" x 14" x 9" 18" x 23" x 26" 150 Quote
VO914SA 120V 750 3 Stainless 2 9" x 14" x 9" 18" x 23" x 26" 150 Quote
VO1218 Series, 1.5 cu. ft. (42.5 liter) Capacity
VO1218A 120V 1250 3 Painted 1 12" x 18" x 12" 21" x 26" x 29" 250 Quote
VO1218C 208/240V 1250 3 Painted 1 12" x 18" x 12" 21" x 26" x 29" 250 Quote
VO1218SA 120V 1250 3 Stainless 2 12" x 18" x 12" 21" x 26" x 29" 250 Quote
VO1824 Series, 4.5 cu. ft. (127.4 liter) Capacity
VO1824A 120V 1500 2 Painted 1 18" x 24" x 18" 27" x 32" x 35" 325 Quote
VO1824C 208/240V 1500 2 Painted 1 18" x 24" x 18" 27" x 32" x 35" 325 Quote
VO1824SA 120V 1500 2 Stainless 2 18" x 24" x 18" 27" x 32" x 35" 325 Quote
VO1824 Series, High Performance, 4.5 cu. ft. (127.4 liter) Capacity
VO1824HPC 208/240V 3000 3 Painted 1 18" x 24" x 18" 27" x 32" x 35" 325 Quote

Warning: Ovens are not suitable for use with hazardous vapor.

Heat-Up/Cool Down Rates (Nominal)

Actual performance will vary according to load, chamber size, sample placement, ambient temperature and atmosphere.

Oven Model Series  Heat-Up Rate Oven Model/Series
VO914 VO1218 VO1824 VO1824HPC
Cool-Up Rate Min. Min. Min. Min.
ambient to +100°C 32 60 70 30
ambient to 150°C 48 80 110 45
ambient to 200°C 68 142 194 75
ambient to 260°C 96 200 250 N/A
Oven Model Series Cool-Down Rate Oven Model/Series
VO914 VO1218 VO1824 VO1824HPC
Cool-Down Rate Min. Min. Min. Min.
ambient to +100°C 32 55 80 N/A
ambient to 150°C 45 65 85 85
ambient to 200°C 63 100 135 135

Models VO914 and VO1218 include 3 shelves, removable.

Model VO1824 has 2 fixed position shelves.

Clearance between shelves and fitting connection sizes are indicated.

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