Mellen Box Furnaces BD Series Temperatures from 1500 °C to 1800 °C

The BD Series Box Furnace operates at temperatures up to 1800°C. 

Elements: The heating elements are field replaceable and are strategically located to radiate uniformly to the internal chamber positioned on all four sides. These high temperature furnaces are capable of rapid heating up to 1800°C. There are no restrictions to how much power is supplied, even during heat up. When the furnace is idling at temperature, it is running well below the manufacture’s recommendations for watt density.

Furnace: The BD Series utilizes a reinforced, double walled steel shell construction that provides a cooler exterior and maintains their shape after repeated thermal cycling. The shell is comprised of 1/8" thick sheet metal as well as 1/4" thick end plates. A double pivoting door safely keeps the “hot door face” away from the operator when accessing the chamber.

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BD15-6×6x6-1Z 1500°C 6×6x6
BD15-6×6x12-1Z 1500°C 6×6x12
BD15-7×10x12-1Z 1500°C 7×10x12
BD15-9×9x12-1Z 1500°C 9×9x12
BD15-9×9x24-1Z 1500°C 9×9x24
BD15-12×12x12-1Z 1500°C 12×12x12
BD15-12×12x18-1Z 1500°C 12×12x18
BD15-12×12x24-1Z 1500°C 12×12x24
BD15-12×12x36-1Z 1500°C 12×12x36
BD15-18×18x18-1Z 1500°C 18×18x18
BD15-18×18x24-1Z 1500°C 18×18x24
BD15-18×18x36-1Z 1500°C 18×18x36
BD15-24×24x24-1Z 1500°C 24×24x24
BD15-24×24x36-1Z 1500°C 24×24x36
BD15-24×24x48-1Z 1500°C 24×24x48
BD15-36×36x36-1Z 1500°C 36×36x36


The BD16 Series Furnace utilizes the Moly Disilicide elements available in the various sizes:

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BD16-6×6x6-1Z 1600°C 6×6x6
BD16-6×6x12-1Z 1600°C 6×6x12
BD16-7×10x12-1Z 1600°C 7×10x12
BD16-9×9x12-1Z 1600°C 9×9x12
BD16-9×9x24-1Z 1600°C 9×9x24
BD16-12×12x12-1Z 1600°C 12×12x12
BD16-12×12x18-1Z 1600°C 12×12x18
BD16-12×12x24-1Z 1600°C 12×12x24
BD16-12×12x36-1Z 1600°C 12×12x36
BD16-18×18x18-1Z 1600°C 18×18x18
BD16-18×18x24-1Z 1600°C 18×18x24
BD16-18×18x36-1Z 1600°C 18×18x36
BD16-24×24x24-1Z 1600°C 24×24x24
BD16-24×24x36-1Z 1600°C 24×24x36
BD16-24×24x48-1Z 1600°C 24×24x48
BD16-36×36x36-1Z 1600°C 36×36x36


The BD17 Model Box Furnace utilizes premium grade Moly Disilicide “hair-pin” elements. The BD17 Box furnace is available in the following sizes:

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BD17-6×6x6-1Z 1700°C 6×6x6
BD17-6×6x12-1Z 1700°C 6×6x12
BD17-7×10x12-1Z 1700°C 7×10x12
BD17-9×9x12-1Z 1700°C 9×9x12
BD17-9×9x24-1Z 1700°C 9×9x24
BD17-12×12x12-1Z 1700°C 12×12x12
BD17-12×12x18-1Z 1700°C 12×12x18
BD17-12×12x24-1Z 1700°C 12×12x24
BD17-12×12x36-1Z 1700°C 12×12x36
BD17-18×18x18-1Z 1700°C 18×18x18
BD17-18×18x24-1Z 1700°C 18×18x24
BD17-18×18x36-1Z 1700°C 18×18x36
BD17-24×24x24-1Z 1700°C 24×24x24
BD17-24×24x36-1Z 1700°C 24×24x36
BD17-24×24x48-1Z 1700°C 24×24x48
BD17-36×36x36-1Z 1700°C 36×36x36


The BD18 Model Box Furnace is available in the following sizes:

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BD18-6×6x6-1Z 1800°C 6×6x6
BD18-6×6x12-1Z 1800°C 6×6x12
BD18-7×10x12-1Z 1800°C 7×10x12
BD18-9×9x12-1Z 1800°C 9×9x12
BD18-9×9x24-1Z 1800°C 9×9x24
BD18-12×12x12-1Z 1800°C 12×12x12
BD18-12×12x18-1Z 1800°C 12×12x18
BD18-12×12x24-1Z 1800°C 12×12x24
BD18-12×12x36-1Z 1800°C 12×12x36
BD18-18×18x18-1Z 1800°C 18×18x18
BD18-18×18x24-1Z 1800°C 18×18x24
BD18-18×18x36-1Z 1800°C 18×18x36
BD18-24×24x24-1Z 1800°C 24×24x24
BD18-24×24x36-1Z 1800°C 24×24x36
BD18-24×24x48-1Z 1800°C 24×24x48
BD18-36×36x36-1Z 1800°C 36×36x36

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