Mellen Box Furnaces BF Series Temperature from 1100 °C to 1250 °C

The BF Series Furnaces operate at temperatures from 1100 – 1250 C.

Our BF Series Furnaces are our most popular box furnace line. With safety in mind, our box furnaces use a double pivoting door design. This design keeps the “hot face” of the door away from the operator when accessing the inner chamber.

These furnaces fulfill the needs of innovative R&D, general purpose heating and production line processing.

Standard Box Furnaces include these chamber sizes and temperatures:

The BF11 Series Furnaces are designed for use with 1000oC maximum temperature.

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BF11-6×6x6-1Z 1000°C 6×6x6
BF11-6×6x12-1Z 1000°C 6×6x12
BF11-7×10x12-1Z 1000°C 7×10x12
BF11-9×9x12-1Z 1000°C 9×9x12
BF11-9×9x24-1Z 1000°C 9×9x24
BF11-12×12x12-1Z 1000°C 12×12x12
BF11-12×12x18-1Z 1000°C 12×12x18
BF1112×12x24-1Z 1000°C 12×12x24
BF11-12×12x36-1Z 1000°C 12×12x36
BF11-18×18x18-1Z 1000°C 18×18x18
BF11-18×18x24-1Z 1000°C 18×18x24
BF11-18×18x36-1Z 1000°C 18×18x36
BF11-24×24x24-1Z 1000°C 24×24x24
BF11-24×24x36-1Z 1000°C 24×24x36
BF11-24×24x48-1Z 1000°C 24×24x48
BF11-36×36x36-1Z 1000°C 36×36x36


The BF12 Series Furnaces are designed for use with 1200°C elements.

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
BF12-6×6x6-1Z 1200°C 6×6x6
BF12-6×6x12-1Z 1200°C 6×6x12
BF12-7×10x12-1Z 1200°C 7×10x12
BF12-9×9x12-1Z 1200°C 9×9x12
BF12-9×9x24-1Z 1200°C 9×9x24
BF12-12×12x12-1Z 1200°C 12×12x12
BF12-12×12x18-1Z 1200°C 12×12x18
BF12-12×12x24-1Z 1200°C 12×12x24
BF12-12×12x36-1Z 1200°C 12×12x36
BF12-18×18x18-1Z 1200°C 18×18x18
BF12-18×18x24-1Z 1200°C 18×18x24
BF12-18×18x36-1Z 1200°C 18×18x36
BF12-24×24x24-1Z 1200°C 24×24x24
BF12-24×24x36-1Z 1200°C 24×24x36
BF12-24×24x48-1Z 1200°C 24×24x48
BF12-36×36x36-1Z 1200°C 36×36x36


The BF13 Series Furnaces are designed for use with 1300°C elements.

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
BF13-6×6x6-12-1Z 1300°C 6×6x6
BF13-6×6x12-1Z 1300°C 6×6x12
BF13-7×10x12-1Z 1300°C 7×10x12
BF13-9×9x12-1Z 1300°C 9×9x12
BF13-9×9x12-1Z 1300°C 9×9x24
BF13-12×12x12-1Z 1300°C 12×12x12
BF13-12×12x18-1Z 1300°C 12×12x18
BF13-12×12x24-1Z 1300°C 12×12x24
BF13-12×12x36-1Z 1300°C 12×12x36
BF13-18×18x18-1Z 1300°C 18×18x18
BF13-18X18X24-1Z 1300°C 18×18x24
BF13-18×18x36-1Z 1300°C 18×18x36
BF13-24×24x24-1Z 1300°C 24×24x24
BF13-24×24x36-1Z 1300°C 24×24x36
BF13-24×24x48-1Z 1300°C 24×24x48
BF13-36×36x36-1Z 1300°C 36×36x36

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