Mellen Box Furnaces BS Series temperature from 1300 °C to 1550 °C

The BS Series Box Furnace operates at temperatures up to 1550oC. The BS Series Furnaces use silicon carbide elements.

The BS Series furnaces are designed with field replaceable elements that are strategically placed on all four sides (top, bottom and sides) to radiate uniformly to the internal chamber.

Standard Box Furnaces include these chamber sizes and temperatures:

The BS14 Series Furnaces utilize large cross section silicon carbide, rod type heating elements, operating with optimal surface watt loading for longer life at elevated temperatures.

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BS14-6×6x6-1Z 1400°C 6×6x6
BS14-6×6x12-1Z 1400°C 6×6x12
BS14-7×10x12-1Z 1400°C 7×10x12
BS14-9×9x12-1Z 1400°C 9×9x12
BS14-9×9x24-1Z 1400°C 9×9x24
BS14-12×12x12-1Z 1400°C 12×12x12
BS14-12×12x18-1Z 1400°C 12×12x18
BS14-12×12x24-1Z 1400°C 12×12x24
BS14-12×12x36-1Z 1400°C 12×12x36
BS14-18×18x18-1Z 1400°C 18×18x18
BS14-18×18x24-1Z 1400°C 18×18x24
BS14-18×18x36-1Z 1400°C 18×18x36
BS14-24×24x24-1Z 1400°C 24×24x24
BS14-24-24×24x36-1Z 1400°C 24×24x36
BS14-24×24x48-1Z 1400°C 24×24x48
BS14-36×36x36-1Z 1400°C 36×36x36


The BS15 Series Furnaces utilize special silicon carbide. “spiral groove”, rod type heating elements, that has a furnace operating temperature of 1500°C .

Model Number Maximum Operating Temperature Chamber Size 
W” x H” x D”
BS15-6×6x6-1Z 1500°C 6×6x6
BS15-6×6x12-1Z 1500°C 6×6x12
BS15-7×10-12-1Z 1500°C 7×10x12
BS15-9×9x12-1Z 1500°C 9×9x12
BS15-9×9x24-1Z 1500°C 9×9x24
BS15-12×12x12-1Z 1500°C 12×12x12
BS15-12×12x18-1Z 1500°C 12×12x18
BS15-12×12x24-1Z 1500°C 12×12x24
BS15-12×12x36-1Z 1500°C 12×12x36
BS15-18×18x18x-1Z 1500°C 18×18x18
BS15-18×18x24-1Z 1500°C 18×18x24
BS15-18×18x36-1Z 1500°C 18×18x36
BS15-24×24x24-1Z 1500°C 24×24x24
BS15-24×24x36-1Z 1500°C 24×24x36
BS15-24×24x48-1Z 1500°C 24×24x48
BS15-36×36x36-1Z 1500°C 36×36x36

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