Mellen Crucible Furnaces CD Series up to 1800 °C Moly

The CD Series Crucible Furnace is designed for operating temperatures up to 1800°C. The CD Series Furnaces feature Moly Disilicide heating elements that provide long life at elevated temperatures.

Mellen uses a large cross section of Moly Disilicide, “hair-pin” heating elements, operating with low surface watt loading for longer life at elevated temperatures. These high temperatures furnaces are capable of rapid heating up to 1800°C in air. The heating elements are field replaceable and located to radiate uniformly to the internal chamber.

The furnace’s outer skin consists of a 18 gauge stainless steel shell that assures maintenance free durability. The bottom 1/4? thick steel end plate is reinforced to prevent thermal distortion.

The CD Series is available in the following models all with a round bore:

  • Model: CD15 with a maximum temperature of 1500°C
  • Model: CD16 with a maximum temperature of 1600°C
  • Model: CD17 with a maximum temperature of 1700°C
  • Model: CD18 with a maximum temperature of 1800°C

There are many advantages to a CD Series Crucible Furnace, including:

  • Long Life
  • Easy Field Replacement of Elements
  • Premium Graded Insulation Package
  • Single or multiple Zone Configurations
  • Economical

Standard for the CC Series Crucible Furnace are:

  • One thermocouple port centered in each control zone
  • Reinforced Vestibule
  • Insulated Hearth/Lid
  • One power cord

Options include:

  • Additional Thermocouple Ports
  • Heaters on Doors & Rear Walls
  • Hearth Plates & Shelves
  • Sight Ports
  • Inert Gas Ports
  • Door Interlock
  • Floor Stands
  • Multiple Zones

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