Mellen Microtherm 1250°C Box Furnaces

Pacific Combustion carries a variety of furnaces from the Mellen Company including full product lines of tube, rocking and box furnaces. Of the Mellen furnace lines we carry, we offer the Mellen Microtherm box furnace capable of operating up to 1250°C. Used in laboratories and research labs, each furnace in the Microtherm family houses a complete furnace unit, including a power supply and temperature control system, allowing for ease of use. We take pride in offering quality customer service and affordable pricing. Should you have any questions regarding he right furnace for your application or pricing, get in touch with us. Below are the standard features included for the Microtherm 1250°C box furnace:

microtherm box furnace 1250

  • Exposed APM Heating Elements on 4 sides of the internal chamber
  • Fast Heat Up Rates; 300C / minute standard
  • Door Interlock Switch which interrupts power to the furnace when the furnace’s door is opened
  • 2 gas ports located in the rear wall for gas in & gas out
  • Vent Port located in the top back wall of the furnace
  • Integrated Dual Display Controller (Omega CN7800 Series)
  • 8 Ramp / Soak / Programs – 8 Segments
  • Autotune and Universal Input
  • 1 Auxiliary Alarm Output
  • Integrated Over-Temperature Protection
  • RS485 Communications Port
  • 10’ power cord

BOX FURNACE Part Number Dimensions W:H:L VOLTS WATTS
MTB12.5-9x9x9-1Z-OT 9”x9”x9” 208/240V 3,400W
MTB12.5-9x9x14-1Z-OT 9”x9”x14” 208/240V 5,200W
MTB12.5-12x12x12-1Z-OT 12”x12”x12” 208/240V 6,700W
MTB12.5-15x15x15-1Z-OT 15”x15”x15” 208/240V 8,000W
MTB12.5-12x12x18-1Z-OT 12 ”x12”x18” 208/240V 7,800W
MTB12.5-18x16x18-1Z-OT* 18”x16”x18” 208/240V 9,600W
* door opening 16”x16”

MELLEN recommends that the maximum actual operating temperature of the furnace be 50°C to 100°C below the maximum rating to prolong element life.

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