Mellen Microtherm Series 1700 Integrated Box Furnace & Controller

The Microtherm Series 1700™ is a single zone, high temperature box furnace and integrated controller capable of operating at temperatures up to 1700°C in air. 

The Microtherm 1700 is designed for horizontal operation. (MELLEN recommends that the maximum operating temperature of the furnace by 50°C to 100°C below the maximum rating to prolong element life. )

ELEMENTS: The furnace utilizes molydiscilcide elements capable of 1800°C element temperature.

INSULATION: The insulation for the furnace consists of an insulation package with 4" wall thickness. The furnace roof (3"thick) is comprised of multi-layered high temperature insulation.

FURNACE SHELL: The furnace has a double wall shell separated by a fan cooled air space to facilitate lead cooling and provide a cooler exterior. The shell is comprised of 1/16" thick sheet metal. The furnace is a welded construction with all of the holes and cut-outs manufactured on computer controlled machinery. The entire furnace assembly, including the insulation construction, is machined using CNC devices to insure repeatability and accuracy as relates to the design.

A three inch long vestibule is supplied at the front of the furnace. All MELLEN Box furnaces are furnished with a double-pivoting insulated door to keep the “hot face” safely away from the operator. A thermocouple port is provided in the rear wall for furnace measurements.

CONTROLLER: The Microtherm furnace includes an integral digital temperature control system featuring 126 segments and 31 programs. One “B” type thermocouple is located in the upper half for temperature feedback. A circuit breaker is provided on the front of the unit. Optional port is provided in the rear of the furnace for direct communication between the controller and the user’s pc.

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