Mellen Microtherm Split Furnace

Pacific Combustion supplies a full line of The Mellen Company’s furnaces including the Microtherm Split Tube furnace. This uniquely designed unit offers high performance and a maximum operating temperature of 1250ºC. Its compact, portable and lightweight construction makes this tube furnace ideal for research and development labs and other industrial applications. Pacific Combustion takes pride in competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Should you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right Mellen furnace for your application, get in touch with us.

mellen split tube furnaceThe Microtherm Split hinged round tubular furnace and controller are capable of operating up to 1250°C in air. The furnace features exposed APM windings for long lasting element life. The furnace is supplied from the factory in the horizontal orientation, but can be used vertically. An optional Vertical Stand Bench is available. 

The Microtherm Split Furnace standard features include

  • 12500C Exposed APM Heating Elements
  • Fast Heat Up Rates; 300C per minute standard
  • Integrated Dual Display Controller
  • 8 Ramp / Soak / Programs - 8 Segments
  • Use Horizontal or Vertical (supplied in the horizontal)
  • Autotune and Universal Input
  • RS485 Communications Port
  • Integrated Over Temperature Protection Option
  • 1 Auxiliary Alarm Output
  • 10 foot power cord
  • Ships in 1-2 weeks!
Part Number
MTSC12.5R-.75x6-1Z 1 .75” x 6” 120V: 9A: 1080W 16”x13”x11”
MTSC12.5R-.75x8-1Z 1 .75” x 8” 120V: 5A: 600W 16”x13”x13”
MTSC12.5R-.75x12-1Z 1 .75” x 12” 120V: 5A: 600W 16”x13”x17”
MTSC12.5R-.75x18-1Z 1 .75” x 18” 120V: 7A: 840W 16”x13”x23”
MTSC12.5R-1.25x6-1Z 1 1.25” x 6” 120V: 5A: 600W 16”x13”x11”
MTSC12.5R-1.25x8-1Z 1 1.25” x 8” 120V: 5A: 600W 16”x13”x13”
MTSC12.5R-1.25x12-1Z 1 1.25” x 12” 120V: 10A: 1200W 16”x13”x17”
MTSC12.5R-1.25x18-1Z 1 1.25” x 18” 120V: 13A: 1560W 16”x13”x23”
MTSC12.5R-1.625x6-1Z 1 1.625” x 6” 120V: 5A: 600W 16”x13”x11”
MTSC12.5R-1.25x8-1Z 1 1.625” x 8” 120V: 7A: 840W 16”x13”x13”
MTSC12.5R-1.625x12-1Z 1 1.625” x 12” 120V : 10A: 1200W 16”x13”x17”
MTSC12.5R-1.625x18-1Z 1 1.625” x 18” 120V: 14A: 1680W 16”x13”x23”
MTSC12.5R-2.375x6-1Z 1 2.375 x 6” 120V: 8A: 960W 17”x15”x11”
MTSC12.5R-2.375x8-1Z 1 2.375 x 8” 120V: 10A: 1200W 17”x15”x13”
MTSC12.5R-2.375x12-1Z 1 2.375 x 12” 120V: 14A: 1680W 17”x15”x17”
MTSC12.5R-2.375x18-1Z 1 2.375 x 18” 208V: 16A: 3328W 17”x15”x23”
MTSC12.5R-3x6-1Z 1 3” x 6” 120V : 10A: 1200W 17”x15”x11”
MTSC12.5R-3x8-1Z 1 3” x 8” 120V : 13A: 1560W 17”x15”x13”
MTSC12.5R-3x12-1Z 1 3” x 12” 208/240V: 10A: 2080W 17”x15”x17”
MTSC12.5R-3x18-1Z 1 3” x 18” 208/240V: 14A: 2912W 17”x15”x23”
MTSC12.5R-3x24-1Z 1 3” x 24” 208/240V: 23A: 4,800W 17”x15”x29
MTSC12.5R-3x36-1Z 1 3” x 36” 208/240V: 35A: 7,220W 17”x”15”x41”
MTSC12.5R-3x24-3Z 3 3” x 24” 208/240V: 23A: 4,800W 17”x15”x29
MTSC12.5R-3x36-3Z 3 3” x 36” 208/240V: 14A: 7,220W 17”x15”x41”

All furnaces can be ordered with the optional Over Temperature Alarm Protection. Please add the suffix -OT to the Furnace Part Number.

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