Mellen Rocking Furnace

Mellen’s Rocking Furnace System with Integrated Controls is designed to keep the furnace and work-charge in motion.  The Rocking Furnace keeps the work homogenized or continually stirred for your process while the furnace follows programmed temperatures. Mellen offers various models in standard diameters of 3”, 4” and 5” and lengths from 12” – 48”.  Single zone and multiple zone are available with high temperatures either 1250°C or 1550°C.

mellen rocking furnace


The Rocking Furnace System comes with the following features:

  • High Temperature Furnace
  • Rocking Mechanism
  • Control System
  • Over-temperature Alarm
  • Stands for Furnaces over 16” in length


  • High Temperature Retort
  • Tube for work charge
  • Stands for Furnaces smaller than 16” in length
  • Thermocouples
  • Replacement Elements


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