Mellen Split Tube Furnaces SD Series up to 1800 °C

Mellen’s SD Series Split Furnaces offer rugged constructions and ease of operation. When you require high temperature operation up to 1800°C, the SD Series tube furnaces are the best choice for the job.

Mellen has extensively engineered the entire “hot zone” to ensure reliability and durability. Our premium SD tube furnaces operate with a large cross section of Moly Disilicide (MoSi2) “hair-pin” heating elements that are capable of rapid heating up to 1700°C in air, with an overall heating temperature of 1800°C. The heating elements are field replaceable and located specifically to radiate heat uniformly.

The SD Series is available in the following models all with a round bore:

  • Model: SD15 with a maximum temperature of 1500°C
  • Model: SD17 with a maximum temperature of 1700°C
  • Model: SD18 with a maximum temperature of 1800°C

Standard Equipment for the SD Series models include:

  • One thermocouple port centered in each control zone
  • Vestibules at each end
  • A power cord

The SD Series Furnaces offers:

  • Long Life
  • Economical to Operate
  • Premium Ceramic Insulation
  • Easy Replacement of Heating Elements
  • Hexagonal or Rectangular Bores
  • High Operating Temperatures in Air

Optional Accessories include:

  • Additional Thermocouple Ports
  • Sight Ports
  • Heath Plates & Shelves
  • Custom Furnace Sizes & Configurations
  • Floor Stands
  • Multiple Zones

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