Mellen Split Furnaces SD Series up to 1800 °C

Mellen’s SD Series Split Furnaces offer rugged constructions and ease of operation. When you require high temperature operation up to 1800°C, the SD Series furnaces are the best choice for the job.

Mellen has extensively engineered the entire “hot zone” to ensure reliability and durability. Our premium SD furnaces operate with a large cross section of Moly Disilicide (MoSi2) “hair-pin” heating elements that are capable of rapid heating up to 1700°C in air, with an overall heating temperature of 1800°C. The heating elements are field replaceable and located specifically to radiate heat uniformly.

The SD Series is available in the following models all with a round bore:

  • Model: SD15 with a maximum temperature of 1500°C
  • Model: SD17 with a maximum temperature of 1700°C
  • Model: SD18 with a maximum temperature of 1800°C

Standard Equipment for the SD Series models include:

  • One thermocouple port centered in each control zone
  • Vestibules at each end
  • A power cord

The SD Series Furnaces offers:

  • Long Life
  • Economical to Operate
  • Premium Ceramic Insulation
  • Easy Replacement of Heating Elements
  • Hexagonal or Rectangular Bores
  • High Operating Temperatures in Air

Optional Accessories include:

  • Additional Thermocouple Ports
  • Sight Ports
  • Heath Plates & Shelves
  • Custom Furnace Sizes & Configurations
  • Floor Stands
  • Multiple Zones

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