Mellen Tube Furnaces

Mellen’s tube furnaces offer high quality, innovative designs and are used for production heat treating and finishing for ceramics, glass and powders, and for laboratory and testing applications. Mellon’s tube furnaces offer temperature ranges from 1000°C to 1800°C and lengths from 6” to 24 ft. At Pacific Combustion we pride ourselves in offering quality products from manufacturers like Mellen. Whether the application for your Mellen tube furnace is used for research and development, thermocouple calibration or crystal growth, you can count on Pacific Combustion as your best choice in quality, service and price.

As part of the Mellen tube furnace line, MELLEN offers many additions and accecssories to complete customize your tube furnace to your needs including:

  • Shunt Taps
  • Bench & Floor Stands
  • Safety Covers
  • Inert Gas Ports
  • Bifilar Windings
  • Custom Vestibule
  • Sight Ports
  • Rotary Assembly
  • Field Removable Vestibules
  • Rocking Series

Should you need more information on the accessories we carry for MELLEN, please get in touch with us.

Mellen Tube Furnace Models We Carry

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