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The MELLEN Company was founded in 1966 by one man who believed in creating high-temperature furnaces to maximize work time and minimize uncontrolled temperature variations.

Mr. Mellen, an avid scientist, combined his years of experience with constant research to develop top of the line products. Through his diligence he created the patented MELLEN EDG (electro-dynamic gradient) furnace, patented thermal distortion free sight glass, and many others.

Quality Mellen Furnace Products

Mellen high-temperature furnace can be customized to fit your requirement and/or application. As a US Manufacturer, Mellen specializes in high temperature furnaces as high as 2200°C for your customized need.

Today, MELLEN combines years of research with ongoing research, computer aided design and stringent quality control. MELLEN strives to provide its customers with well researched and extensively engineered products by testing and developing new products inside the MELLEN LAB. Inside the lab, MELLEN tests for element life, longevity, and maximum use, as well as, experiments with components, atmosphere, and materials.

At MELLEN, each furnace is carefully inspected to meet MELLEN'S high quality standards. MELLEN has a full line of products. In addition to MELLEN's standard line of furnaces, MELLEN creates custom furnaces designed to your specifications.

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