Modular Lab Casework from Modular Millwork

Modular Millwork manufactures attractive, durable, and efficient casework for working interiors. Labs, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, mailrooms, break rooms, and document centers require furnishings that are flexible, ergonomic, and reconfigurable. As a facility grows and changes, Modular Millwork furnishings can be moved and rearranged to meet new workspace demands. This ability to adjust to the changing shape of a work environment sets casework from Modular Millwork apart from other modular office furniture systems.

Configure Your Workspace for the Present & the Future

Unlike other manufacturers who sell office or lab modules, Modular Millwork’s basic unit is a structural frame. This framework allows easy reconfiguration of the modular components that define your workspace.

Advantages of the Modular Millwork expandable design system include:

  • Making large or small workspace changes without costly tear-outs or repurchased casework.
  • Adding workspace capacity by expanding the existing framework with modules to handle documents, files, lab space, or desks.
  • Ability to disassemble and move the framework and modular components across town—or across the country.
  • Robust lifetime warranty covering reusable and reconfigurable modular components & frames.

Customizable Modular Design Options

With Modular Millwork, you can create the custom look of a completely coordinated workspace with these design choices:

  • Horizontal Surfaces
  • Edge Colors
  • Powder Coat Paint Colors
  • Sorter Tray Colors

The Ultimate in Sustainability

Custom casework from Modular Millwork is truly a sustainable product. The long-lasting nature of our design flexibility encourages reuse instead of replacement when workspace needs demand change. In addition, our components are manufactured and distributed following recognized green practices, and we use recycled and recyclable products. The goal of Modular Millwork is to produce millwork that is both sustainable and cost neutral for clients.

Modular Millwork Distributors

As distributors for Modular Millwork, the knowledgeable sales representatives of Pacific Combustion Engineering can help you design a flexible, efficient, and ergonomic workspace for your business. To begin the process, call 800.342.4442, or contact a member of our sales team today to explore your casework options.

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