Neytech 3-550PD Vulcan Model

Vulcan Benchtop Furnaces are available in three standard and one high-temperature muffle sizes. Venturi air exchange is available on selected models. Digital models have nine multistage programs, a hold temperature control with temperatures ranging up to 1225°C (2237°F).

Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with durable baked enamel coating. A vertical lift door is standard for operator safety and space conservation. 

You can now concentrate on the task of material handling using both hands, the Neytech Vulcan Model 3-550PD is the first and only muffle furnace with automatic door operation. Door activation is achieved by a remote switch closure.

General Features: 

  • Control Option: digital programmable or single set-point analog
  • High performance hybrid muffle design for faster heating and cooling than full fireback
  • Safety designed, vertical lift door saves space and directs heat away from teh operator
  • Venturi air exchange (selected models)
  • Power door (selected models)
  • RS 232 port (selected models)
  • 2-year limited warranty

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