Neytech Vulcan Benchtop Furnaces

At Pacific Combustion, we take pride in offering quality furnaces at competitive prices. As part of our Neytech offerings with high performance hybrid muffle technology, we carry the Vulcan Benchtop Muffle Furnace line. These furnaces are available in three standard and one high-temperature muffle sizes. Each can be purchased with one of the 3 following controllers:

  • Analog single setpoint controllers
  • Digital single setpoint controllers
  • Three-stage digital programmable models

Additionally,Venturi air exchange is available on selected models. Digital models have nine multistage programs, a hold temperature control with temperatures ranging up to 1225°C (2237°F).

Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with durable baked enamel coating. A vertical lift door is standard for operator safety and space conservation.

neytech vulcan furnaces

These benchtop furnaces feature a three-step multi-stage programmable system for management of time, temperature and rate. Three-step program can be linked for six-stage operation and up to seven-day delay start. Available in three sizes: 130, 550 and 1750 cubic inches.

Vulcan Models We Offer

  • Vulcan 3-130 120 Volt PC# 9493302
  • Vulcan 3-130 220 Volt PC# 9493303
  • Vulcan 3-550 120 Volt PC# 9493308
  • Vulcan 3-550 220 Volt PC# 9493309
  • Vulcan 3-1750 220 Volt PC# 9493409

General Features

  • Control Option: digital programmable or single set-point analog
  • High performance hybrid muffle design for faster heating and cooling than full fireback
  • Safety designed, vertical lift door saves space and directs heat away from teh operator
  • Venturi air exchange (selected models)
  • Power door (selected models)
  • RS 232 port (selected models)
  • 2-year limited warranty

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