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Founded in 1963, PolyScience has been a leading pioneer of circulators and refrigeration systems for laboratory and industrial use. As an USA manufacturer, PolySciences features a wide range of products, including refrigerated circulators, heated circulators, chillers, recirculating coolers, water baths, and more custom equipment that meet the strict ISO 9001 requirements.

PolyScience products reach into a wide variety of industries & applications that require temperature-controlled systems; specializing in chillers and circulating baths.

PolyScience Circulating Baths

PolyScience features circulating baths in heat-only and refrigerated/heated models with reservoir capacities ranging from 6 to 75 liters and temperature stabilities from ±0.07°C to ±0.005°C. PolyScience circulating baths can also reach a maximum temperature as high at 200°C.

PolyScience Chillers & Coolers

Considered one of the most reliable in the industry, Polyscience chillers and coolers are used for applications ranging from lasers and analytical equipment to reactors and manufacturing equipment. The chillers and coolers offered by PolyScience are powerful, low-temperature chillers that are well matched for use with rotary evaporators, vacuum systems, spectrometers, and other analytical equipment.

PolyScience General Purpose Water Baths

PolyScience features general purpose water baths in both digital and economy controllers with reservoir capacities ranging from 2 to 28 liters and temperature ranges from +5 to 100°C.

Specialty Products

  • Viscosity Baths
  • Calibration Baths
  • 75L Refrigerated Circulating Bath
  • Cryoprecipitate Bath
  • Histology Bath & Histology Freeze Plate
  • Coliform Bath

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