Cryogenic Storage Freezers (Revco Ultima II Series)

At Pacific Combustion, we carry a full line of industrial and laboratory freezers. Of our freezer offerings, we carry the Revco Ultima II Series freezer in two models: Model ULT-7150-9,+30°C (+86°F) and Model ULT-10140-9, +32°C (+90°F).

Ultima II Series Cryogenic Operating Temperature

  • -150°C, Model ULT-7150-9
  • -140°C, Model ULT-10140-9
  • Air-cooled refrigeration systems are engineered to maintain design temperatures in warm ambient conditions:

Model ULT-7150-9,+30°C (+86°F);

Model ULT-10140-9, +32°C (+90°F)

Cryogenic Temperatures Without Liquid Nitrogen

  • REVCO® Ultima II cryogenic freezers are designed for long-term storage of biologicals at uniform temperatures of -140°C and -150°C, safely below the -130°C glass transition temperature of water
  • Cell viability is improved because biologically relevant, thermally driven reactions are not known to occur

Safer, More Convenient Than LN2

  • REVCO cryogenic freezers include all features, control and performance attributes of the Ultima II Series freezers, plus many important advantages not available when using LN2
  • Stable cryogenic temperature of -140°G and -150°C without LN2 as a cooling medium
  • Patented, single compressor, orbital refrigeration system
  • Top-to-bottom temperature uniformity dramatically improved when compared to LN2 vapor
  • Lower operating costs than LN2 freezers of similar capacity
  • 100% of interior space is usable, with stored samples maintained below critical temperature
  • Ample interior volume with capacity of up to 21,600 samples in Model ULT-10140 and up to 14,400 samples in Model ULT-7150 (2 ml vials in boxes)
  • Uses standard REVCO inventory racks and fiberboard boxes

Refrigeration System

  • Exclusive mixed refrigerant autocascade with a single, orbital refrigeration compressor, air-cooled
  • CFC-free refrigerants
  • Downfeed evaporator for most efficient refrigerant flow
  • High-capacity air-cooled condenser with dual condenser fans, aerodynamically shaped fan blades
  • Washable condenser filter keeps fins free of dust to maintain peak cooling efficiency; no tools required for removal

Control System

  • Exclusive IntrLogicTM microprocessor control system with touchpad data entry and digital display of all functions
  • Setpoint security system with key-operated switch for main power and alarm locks in temperature and alarm setpoints
  • Independent operating temperature and high/low limit alarm functions with factory-set defaults for quick start-up, all setpoints adjustable in 1°C increments

Electrical System

  • Automatic voltage boost compensates for low voltage and brownout conditions
  • On-board power monitoring with digital readout of incoming line voltage
  • Built-in surge suppressor minimizes effect of voltage spikes from incoming electrical service

Alarm System

  • AIM. (Automatic Incident Monitor) identifies any temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints, with rapid flash for current event, slow flash if event was self corrected; A.I.M. archives most deviated temperature
  • Adjustable safety alarm with automatic, continuous charge battery backup provides full function in case of power failure
  • Power failure or temperature deviation triggers audible and visual warning
  • Digital battery indicator displays battery capacity; flashing low battery indicator advises when to replace battery
  • Touchpad alarm test function physically warms internal probe to simulate alarm condition
  • RS-232 data port with system software package
  • Exterior alarm contacts for connection to remote monitoring system

Monitoring System

  • Lifeguard compressor protection monitors performance and automatically adjusts to internal and external conditions, extending compressor life
  • Extreme ambient alert warns if room temperature may affect performance
  • Voltage boost indicator advises of low source voltage below safe parameters and indicates voltage boost system is activated
  • Surge suppressor indicator advises to check intercept fuse
  • Clean filter indicator light advises when to remove and wash condenser filter

Chest Cabinet Construction

  • Low-profile design for easier access to inventory
  • Heavy duty counterbalanced lid with integrated keyed lid lock for security
  • Double seal lid gaskets to minimize frost buildup
  • Independent sub-lids provide additional protection
  • Minimum 5" (127mm) foamed-in-place urethane insulation, closed-cell, CFC-free, to protect product against high ambient conditions
  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with high-impact powder paint finish
  • Rounded interior corners for easy cleaning
  • Access port, 1" (25.4mm) diameter, with cap
  • Recessed heavy duty swivel casters

Line Cord Plug Reference

® II -140°C Cryogenic Chest Freezer, Orbital Refrigeration System, Single CompressorUltima® II Series Cryogenic Storage Freezers

Ultima® II -140°C Cryogenic Chest Freezer, Orbital Refrigeration System, Single Compressor

Model Cu. Ft. Volts Amps/Breaker (Plug)
ULT-10140-9D  10.3  208/230V 60Hz 1±  20/30 (P6)
ULT-10140-9E  10.3  208/230V 60Hz 3±  16/20 (HW*)
Model Interior Dimen. 
HxDxW in
Exterior Dimen. 
HxDxW in
Ship Weight lbs
ULT-10140-9D  26.5X19X35.25  42.75×29x69  1065
ULT-10140-9E  26.5X19X35.25  42.75×29x69  1065

Ultima® II -150°C Cryogenic Chest Freezer, Orbital Refrigeration System, Single Compressor

Model Cu. Ft. Volts Amps/Breaker (Plug)
ULT-7150-9D  10.3 208/230V 60Hz 1±  20/30 (P6)


Model Interior Dimen. 
HxDxW in
Exterior Dimen. 
HxDxW in
Ship Weight lbs
ULT-7150-9D  26.5×19x23.5  41.75×29x58  825

No plug provided; requires hardwire connection by customer.

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