Shel Lab Ovens

Shel lab has been manufacturing high quality scientific ovens, baths and incubators for over 40 years for application in a host of different industries such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental and industrial. They are renowned for providing innovative solutions for their customers and delivering reliable equipment for use in extreme conditions.

Shel Lab Products We Offer

Gravity Convection Ovens

Shel Lab's range of gravity convection ovens are impressive in their versatility, capable of application in a plethora of different industries such as for research in biochemical experiments, drug metabolism in pharmacetuical work and chemical precipitaiton. The ovens deliver efficient heating with double wall insulation and low watt density heaters reducing energy usage while the more advanced models feature triple wall construction and a digital timer to ensure preciseness.

Forced Air Ovens

The forced air ovens offered by Shel lab are ideal for high volume sample and drying applications with the turbo blower and heavy-duty motor combination ensuring that air is directed over shelves and samples for even drying. Models also feature overtemperature safety that is user adjustable and provides added safety to the user. Like the gravity convection range, the forced air range of ovens offer advanced models that come equiped with a difital timer that allows for more precise measurements to be taken during operation.

Vacuum Ovens

The range of Shel Lab's Vacuum ovens offer excellent capabilities in the fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials. The ovens help to prevent residue accumulation on products and also allows for the safe drying of flammable solvents.

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