SW Safety Lab Gloves

SW Safety Solutions (SWSS) manufactures single-use (SU) gloves for industrial, life sciences, and healthcare applications. Since 1984, this innovative woman-owned company has developed proprietary technologies to protect hand health from the inside out. These technologies have revolutionized the manufacture of SU industrial gloves.

Single-use gloves are designed to protect workers from extended exposure to harsh industrial environments. In addition to this protection, SWSS incorporates treatments into these gloves to address hand heath and quality of life issues for the workers using them.

Overcoming the Occlusive Environment Inside SU Gloves

Protective gloves create a paradox for your hands: the very barrier that shields your hands from chemical, liquid, and light mechanical risks also creates a harsh, occlusive environment around your hands. Restricted airflow inside gloves leads to sweating and increased pH levels, which in turn leave hands red, dry, and irritated. For workers who wear SU gloves on a daily basis, the result is a constant battle with chapped skin and dermatitis.

SWSS Solutions to Manage Hand Health & Improve Performance

The development of effective proprietary solutions for the environment inside single-use gloves is what sets SWSS apart from other SU glove manufacturers.

  • ActivAloe®: Utilizes two patented processes to create a glove that delivers the soothing skin therapy of Aloe Vera, resulting in improved hand health and improved quality of life for workers who use gloves on a daily basis.
  • Hydrex®: A flocked lining that delivers moisture control to the inside of the glove. Manufactured to be thin, strong and durable, it delivers greater resistance to abrasion and punctures, better dexterity, and improved hand health.
  • pH Natural®: A proprietary formulation added to the inside of gloves to help maintain the natural pH balance of the skin. Reduces irritation and promotes hand health in workers who use gloves daily.
  • MilTech™: A manufacturing process that delivers a consistent thickness across the glove, resulting in better dexterity and less finger fatigue.
  • TouchTek™: A unique post-processing technology that removes chemical residues left over from the manufacturing process. Promotes hand health and protects products and surfaces from contamination.

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