Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Benchtop Muffle Furnaces

Pacific Combustion carries an extensive line of muffle furnaces, now including the Thermolyne Benchtop muffle furnaces. The Thermolyne Benchtop muffle furnace is available in two capacities to accommodate any purpose, and can reach a maximum temperature of 1200°C with little heat up time. Pacific Combustion combines competitive prices with high quality services. Contact us today for more specifications, assistance or a quote!

thermoscientific benchtop muffle furnace

The Thermolyne Benchtop muffle furnaces work ideally for general laboratory use including heat treatment, gravimetric analysis, sintering, and quantitative analysis. Available in four variations of single setpoint temperature controls or programmable temperature controls

General Features

  • Reaches a 1200°C maximum temperature
  • Available in two capacities for added flexibility
  • Built-in vent port removes contaminants and moisture to extend the life of the heating element and furnace
  • For added protection, the door safety switch stops power to heating elements when door opens
  • Thermocouple break protection cuts power to heating elements, preventing a thermocouple failure runaway condition
  • Two open coil heating elements on chamber sides assure fast heat-up with minimum temperature gradient
  • Thermal-efficient ceramic insulation surrounds chamber for maximum energy efficiency
  • 0.95cm (0.38in.) dia. port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring device at rear of chamber

F47900, F48000 Models

  • F47900 models provide 2L of heating area, F48000 models provide 5L of heating area
  • Includes one hearth tray, F48000 models also include a ceramic shelf (SH480X1) that doubles furnace load capacity

Choice of Temperature Controllers

  • Furnaces that use B, C or D control also use a mechanical over-temperature protection relay
  • A1: Digital single setpoint control; single display shows actual temperature or setpoint
  • B1: Digital single setpoint control with a single ramp to setpoint and a dwell; single display shows actual temperature or setpoint; mechanical over-temperature protection relay is included
  • C1: Digital programmable control with one stored program of 8 segments; mechanical over-temperature protection relay is included
  • D1: Digital programmable control with 4 stored programs, 16 segments per program, and RS-232 communications interface; mechanical over-temperature protection relay is included

Includes: Power cord

Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor)

Certifications: CSA approved, CE marked as indicated

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