Thermolyne Largest Tabletop Muffle Furnaces

thermo scientific large muffle furnaces

Pacific Combustion offers the Thermolyne Tabletop largest muffle furnaces which will greatly increase usable working area with its two shelves. The Thermolyne Tabletop muffle furnaces are ideal for a range of applications which include annealing glass, determination of volatiles, catalyst research and ashing organic and inorganic samples. Contact Pacific Combustion for a quote today!

General Features

  • Triple the usable working area with two supplied accessory refractory shelves
  • Advanced LED digital-set/digital-display temperature controller is microprocessor-controlled
  • LED display simultaneously shows both setpoint and actual furnace temperatures in °C or °F
  • User-selectable over-temperature protection
  • Open thermocouple protection
  • Adjustable power output from 1 to 100%

Safety and Design Features

  • Heating elements are on chamber top, bottom and sides for enhanced temperature uniformity
  • Built-in vent port removes undesirable contaminants and moisture to extend the life of the element and unit
  • Rear of chamber incorporates a 0.95cm (0.38in.) diameter port for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices
  • Critical electronic components and heating elements are protected by a 35A circuit breaker
  • Door safety switch stops power to the heating elements when door opens

Choice of Temperature Controllers

  • Furnaces that use B1, C1 or D1 control also use a mechanical Over-temperature Protection relay
  • B1: Digital single setpoint control with a single ramp to setpoint and dwell; single display shows actual temperature or setpoint
  • C1: Digital programmable control with one stored program of 8 segments
  • D1: Digital programmable control with 4 stored programs, 16 segments per program, and RS-232 communications interface

Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor)

Certifications: All units CSA approved; -33 units also CE marked

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