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Established in 1938, Carbolite has over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electric laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens. As the only “off shore” company we represent, Carbolite has a tradition of excellence in quality laboratory ovens and furnaces.

Carbolite is the leading manufacturer of high-temperature ovens, ranging from 30°C to 3000°C; known for their specialty furnace applications such as clean room vacuum ovens, vacuum furnaces, and the ultimate asphalt binder analyzer.

Carbolite Box Furnaces
Carbolite box furnaces that are available in many sizes from the smallest bench top model to the largest industrial floor-standing furnace. Temperatures range from 750°C to 1800°C. Models include high temperature furnaces, ashing/calcining furnaces and precious metals evaluation furnaces.

Carbolite Tube Furnaces
Carbolite manufactures laboratory tube furnaces with temperature ranges from 1100°C to 1800°C. Tube furnaces are available as single or multi-zone, horizontal/vertical, split and rotating models. With sizes ranging from 1″ in diameter to 6.5″ in diameter, from 5″ in length to 48″ in length, Carbolite has this field covered as well.

Carbolite High Temperature Ovens
Carbolite manufactures a large variety of laboratory ovens in various sizes. From the 1 cubic foot 250°C model to the 4.0 cubic foot 600°C model, Carbolite has an oven for you. Carbolite is the only company we know of that manufactures high temperature ovens, available with 400°C, 500°C and 600°C maximum operating temperatures.

Carbolite has warehouse facilities in Newtown, Pennsylvania, as well as weekly flights into Philadelphia International Airport. While it may require an additional week or two for delivery, Carbolite is worth the wait.


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